JOGJA PGCSIRT provides services as follows (Note that a term “Incident” includes all computer security incidents such as Vulnerabilities, Artifacts and so on):

  1. Receive incident reports from constituency.
  2. Record the incidents.
  3. Analyze and distinguish the types of incidents.
  4. Support and coordinate the incident response.
  5. Compile the record of incidents and report to the related CSIRTs

There are 2 (two) catagories of CSIRT’s services:

  1. Reactive services:

This kind of service is based on the request from the constituency, such as reporting of hacked server, malware, or any detection on IDS and log system. This is the main CSIRTs services.

  1. Proactive services:

This kind of service gives information and assiststo prepare, protect, and secure the constituency’s system in handling attacks, problems, or incidents. The performance of this kind of servicewill directly reduce the amount of incidents in the future.

PGCSIRT inggris