About Us

CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is a Team that is established to response the incidents within the constituency. JOGJA PGCSIRT belongs to IT section of Communication, and Information department. CSIRT is a common service which provided to the departments in DI Yogyakarta. The constituency is departments which use local area network of DI Yogyakarta..

Computer Security Incident is all event that could make any intrusion of the computer systems, such as the occurrence of computer viruses, illegal access, information leakages, DDOS attacks, etc. The main goal of the incident response is to stop the incident getting extensive and make the invected system can be operated normally.

CSIRT is needed because any dangerous actions could be happened  anywhere. At the beginning, most of the attackers are motivated by technical reasons, but now they are motivated by money and/or political intention. It means that they will never stop to attack and their hacking is getting more out of the ordinary.